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Many lighter collectors and Antique enthusiasts are surprised when they first discover that Ronson produced a line of wonderful bookends, in plated and painted variations. Popular themes of the times were often the subject matter. Also produced were book ends of fraternal and religous interest. The most desirable book ends are the Art Deco period Nude Woman and highly detailed historical theme models. Bookends can be marked "L.V.A.", "A.M.W." or can have a Ronson sticker on the bottom or both, or may have no markings and no sticker. Ronson did utilize consistent manufactoring practices which include finish application and use of an Art Form on more than one platform.

Slashing Oriental Swordsman

Described in a 1938 catalog as "Slashing Oriental Swordsman face each other on sturdy bases. Finished in Gunmetal & Old Gold."

Stylized and impressive bookends from the 1930's are large and heavy. The Samurai figure was also used as a figural Ashtray with the Ashtray attached to the top of his Sword. This model is Gold plate with enamel base. This booked was also produced with polychrome finish.

Turbaned Arab

Described as "Squatting, turbaned Arab, pouring over the ritual. Relief decoration on base. Finished in Decorative Gold effect : Imperial : Venetian."

Stunning Plated and painted bookends of a Wise Old Man wearing a Turbin and reading a book. These are very detailed and hand painted. An excellent example of the high quality worksmanship that came from the Ronson factories.


Described as "Two pairs of beautifully modeled Horses mounted on graceful bases. Finished in Decorative Gold effect : Colonial."

Indian Paddling Canoe

Described in a 1938 catalog as... with polychrome finish.


not seen in any catalogs thus far, this gangly pair is glorious! This set sold on ebay several months ago. It is the first time I have seen this design.


Described in a 1938 catalog as... with polychrome finish.

Nautical Theme Bookends

Described in a 1938 catalog as.... A wonderfully lifelike remdition of a Sea Faring man at the helm.

Greek Athlete Men

Described in a 1938 catalog as... with polychrome finish.

Jolly Frier

Described in a 1938 catalog as "Jolly Frier among his beloved books. Finished in Decorated Polished Gold effect : Georgian."

These bookends were made in 3 sizes, this is the middle size. Very nicely detailed. These were a popular model and are not very hard to find today. This theme has been copied by other companies.

Chinese Boy & Girl

Described as " `Kneeling Chinese Boy peeps over shoulder of browsing Chinese Girl. Both mounted on realistic book-bases. Finished in Royal & Decorated Polished Gold effect : Royal & Old Gold Plate."

This was another popular theme in the 1930's and reflected the popular Oriental influence. Several variation of this style have been seen including Dutch children.

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