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Ronson Art Metal works produced probably the finest made American Lighter starting shortly after the turn of the century. The lighters shown here are the Automatic style that Ronson held exclusive patents on until 1952. Although other American companies did produce automatic lighters, they stopped production or paid a royalty to Ronson for the right to do so. My personal favorites are from the Art Deco period starting in the late 1920's through the 1930's.

Junior Sport, 1928

Ronson Junior Sport lighter was first produced in 1928 and utilized the De-Light fitment. This was a higher end lighter for Ronson and prduction was limited for the first few years. The 3 lighters pictured here are a good representation of the early designs. The Junior Sport was the first Ronson lighter to have the oval shield and leather covering. Also offered in Sterling Silver and 14k Gold and Gold Plate.

Princess De-Light & Frat 1929

Ronson Princes De-Light Lighter group showing finish and style variations.

Princess Windbreak 1929

Ronson Princess Lighter with the addition of a retractable Windbreak. THis is a hard lighter to find!

Standard Windscreen 1930

Ronson Standard Lighter with the addition of a Windscreen. This feature is only seen on Standard Lighters with the De-Light fitment.

Fine Line 1934

Heres a classy lighter Ronson called the Fine Line. It was a thin design with fine lines, produced with art deco enameled designs and platings in Rhodium and Chromium.

Debonair 1935

Here Ronson has designed a totally different looking lighter with Diamond shaped cut out pattern below the sleak square fitment. This fitment was also used on the Lytacase case lighter combination. Two different versions were produced with the main differences being two sided enamel and smaller filler & flint screws. Offered in Engine turned and enamelled finishes.

Majorette & Regal 1936

These lighters look similar but are two different models, top row are Majorettes and the bottom row are Regals. The Majorette is slightly wider. The Majorette has been seen in English Ronson catalogs named as "Majestic". Both models were offered in Engine turned and enamelled combinations with Chromium & Rhodium plating.

Standard Set, 1929

Ronson Standard lighter and Cigarette case was first produced in 1927. Also offered in Sterling Silver and 14k gold and Gold Plate. Production of this set ended in 1941.

Princess Set 1929

Ronson Princess lighter and case set. Same as above but with the princess lighter. This Set is Mint and Unused. Note the cardboard box, this is a unusual box for Ronson.

"Smart Set" 1954
(aka: Adonis with Cuff links & Tie Clasp)

This set was only produced for one year. Made in England, it consists of a Ronson Adonis lighter and matching Cufflinks and Tie clasp. The lighter and accessories are Chromium plated.

Cadet Mini Set 1959

Ronson Cadet Mini set with Gold plate and Mother of Pearl. THis set was only made in England. Different combinations were produced including a Lady's Compact and Lipstick in hinged metal box.

Klix Set 1955

This set was produced for one year only, it contains a Ronson Standard Lighter and a Marathon Cigarette case presented as a matched set. Sets are Hand Enamel over Brass.

Glass Enamel 1945

Heres a great group of English made Ronson lighters featuring Hard Glass Enamel with Hand painted scenes.

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