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Ronson Cigarette Case & Lighter Combinations are especially beautiful and highly collectable. Ronson began production of the first case-lighter in 1929 with the Lytacase. The Lytacase was a big hit with Smokers and Ronson management seized the opportunity by producing many other models, some with vivid art deco geometric designs in fashionable colors of Red, Green, Blue, Black, Tortoise & White.

Beauticase, 1936

Ivory enamel and chrome. Cigarettes are lifted as case is opened. Ronson "Vee" lighter fitment opens from side of case. Also made in Rich Dureum finish.

Magnapact, 1935

Ivory enamel with red accents and chrome. Cigarette lighter and Ladys compact. This is the early style with the side actuated lighter mechanism

Ultracase, 1939

Very popular art deco case lighter.

Lady-Pact 1939

Lighter and Lady's Compact. Dureum finish and enamel. Looks very much like a 10-a-case but smaller. Lighter and compact only, no cigarette storage.

Mastercase, 1933

This is a very nice example of the Gold tone finish Ronson called "Dureum" with lovely florial design. The mastercases wee a very popular item for Ronson and they produced enough to meet the demand. Note in the photo the size of the "Ears" that hold the lighter mechanism, ealry models have wide ears and later models have smaller ones. THIS model was produced in Canada and has early small ears.

Double Decker, 1937

This Case lighter combo was never seen advertised and was probably made in small quantities. Unusual design because of the double hindge, the putton on front is pressed to release the lid. Dureum plate and enamel.

Commander, 1939

Beautiful 14K gold plate and engine turned case with Fine Grain English Morocco Leather. Holds 15 regular sized Cigarettes.

Queenpact, 1936

Tuxette, 1931

Superpact, 1933

Queenpact with Watch, 1936

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