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The Ronson Rondelight Baby combined with a decorative item series of lighters were first produced in the early 1930's. Many subjects were produced in Silver Plated and Chrome plated finishes. Ronson produced a very high quality cast figure and gave much attention to detail and finish. There were many designs produced and periodically unknown models surface.

Rondelight Egyptian Woman 1935

Wonderfully detailed Egyptian Woman, in reclining posture, holds Baby Rondelight in her arm. This design may have been inspired by the discovery of King Tut's tomb. This figure has also been seen as a pair of book ends, without the lighter.

Rondelight Athletic Figure; Diving Woman 1934

From the Athletic Figures this is a Graceful Woman Diver in Chrome Plate mounted on a Gun metal tiered base. There were at least 9 athletic figures offered with the Rondelight Baby Lighter.

Rondelight Modernistic Dancer 1934

Here is a wonderfully styalized Art Deco Dancer with Baby Rondelight Lighter and Ashtray.

Rondelight Roadrunner 1934

Ronson Advertisement states "Modernistic Bird,Mounted on a streamlined base, guards removable Rondelight. (Ronson Ball Lighter) Finished in Gunmetal & Chromium with Black & Chromium lighter".

Rondelight Horse & Ash Tray 1936

As the title suggests, this is a handome combination of a realistic Horse combining a Rondelight Baby and Ashtray (removable ashtray is missing in the picture)

Rondelight Athletic Figure; Football 1934

Rondelight Table Lighter 1934

Rondelight Modernistic Figure 1934

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