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The Ronson Art Metal Works produced exciting and contemporary Statues which have really stood the test of time. The statues were so well made and in such interesting designs that many people who have been lucky enough to own one end up holding on to it.

Ronson "Kicking Girl" 1930's

Realistically portrayed "Dancing Girl" with amazing detail, as shown in chrome with Gunmetal base also produced in Bronze finish.

Ronson Lady & Dog 1930's

Ronson Lady 1930's

Artistically posed nude in Gold plate on marbleized base.

Hooded Lady 1930's

Ball Dancer 1930's

Ronson Elephant Statue

Marked L.V. Aronson 1926. Probably attributable to the "Jumbo" popularity of the time.

Ronson Terrier

I'm not certain if this belongs in this catagory it is more likely a Paper Weight. Also used on bookends and desk sets.

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