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Many collectors reach a point when they would like to display some of their finer lighters. This is the time many consider adding Ronson commercial Display cases to their collections. Ronson did not manufacture these cases but they did design them to showcase their products. Ronson Display cases are hard to find and are in demand. Many cases were supplied with removable trays to hold and display Ronson merchandise. Some collectors have discovered the old display trays and use them to display items in their home or office. .

Floor Model Display Case 1940's

Not seen in any catalogs so far discovered, this is a large floor model display case with mirrored sliding doors, large bottom storage area for stock and three removable trays for holding pocket lighters are accessable through locking doors along the top rear of the case. The case was made by the Rockford Display Company which has since gone out of business. I have only seen 2 of these cases.

Display Case 1940's

Here is a handsome display with illuminated Marquee. Probably from the late 1930's to early 1940's. Mirrored hinged door.

Display Case

Counter Top display case for case and pocket lighters with hinged door.

Display Case

Tall illuminted counter top display case with hinged door.

Varaflame Display with Turntable

large counter top display case with Turntable action. hinged locking door.

Varaflame Case

Wide style counter top case with rotating illuminted display.

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