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This is another area that is a surprise for most people, Art Metal Works produced beautiful desk, accent and Radio Lamps and Candelabra sets. Early pieces were Animal or Character subjects, in plated and painted finishes. Many of these Lamps can be called "Radio Lamps" because thay were designed to add decorative interest, subtle lighting and a "focus" for listening to the Radio when Radios were large floor and table models. In our day and age it is easy to forget that people would sit around the Radio and listen to their favorite shows. Ronson produced fabulous Art Deco Lamps in the 1930's and this page will highlight a few of them.

Seated Chinese Girl

Ronson Catalog describes as "Seated Chinese Girl reading by Pagoda-like lamp with heavy fluted glass globe. Finished in Royal & Old Gold Plate"

Produced to add focus and decorative lighting to enhance listening to radio shows. Wonderful art glass shade.

3 Nude Lamp

Wonderful Art Deco accent lamp.

Deco Lamp

Nude Woman Lamp

Deco Nude Woman Lamp

Deco Nude Woman Lamp

Ronson Elephant Lamp

Wonderfully detailed Elephant lamp probably attributable to the Circus Elephant Jumbo's popularity of the time. Painted black with green accents to look like aged Bronze. Original Silk and Glass bead shade.

Lamp Girl

This reminds me of an old Cartoon but I can't recall her name. Cast in Spelter and hand enamelled. A wonderful lamp with appeal for all ages.

Electric Candelabra

Electric Candelabra probably sold in pairs. Wonderful Gold plated dancing girl, the same winged girl figure appears on Ronson Book Ends.

Egyptian Lamp

Attributable to Howard Carter's discovery of King Tut's Tomb, this lamp has an inventive design. The outer cover is hinged and opens to reveil a Golden Maiden. This is a beautiful lamp and one of my personal favorites.

Art Deco Football Player

Stylized chrome plated Football player with stars and dust flying up from his feet. Curved lamp support in chrome on gunmetal base.

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