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The New Yorker fitment was first produced in the late 1920's and was used with many figures and as a stand alone lighter with Bakelite, Onyx or Metal base. The lighter below is a good example, Ronson originally produced the Speed Nymph figure as a hood ornament in the 1910's and later modified the figure with the removable New Yorker lighter fitment. It is believed that there are 51 different designs which used the New Yorker fitment.

New Yorker Standing Nude 1931

Graceful Nude woman mounted on a circular base in nickel plate. Her hair is sweeping back, as if in the wind, and her arms are outstreched holding the lighter.

Nude Girl with New Yorker Lighter & Ashtray 1929

Exceptional example of the wonderful items which came from the ROnson factoies. In this case a young looking nude gilr is tastefully rendered holding a tray which containes the removable New Yorker Lighter. The pottery ashtray in base missing in this picture.

New Yorker with Double Cigarette Boxes 1931

Very stylish and functional design with Cedar lined Cigarette boxes on eith side of the removable New Yorker Lighter. Chrome plated and enamelled.

New Yorker & Pikacig Penguin 1930

Interesting concept for a automatic cigarette dispenser which Ronson named Pik-A-Cig. There are two levers on the side which, when squeezed together, activate the mechanism. The penguin leans forward as the drawr on the cigarette box opens, the Penguin's beak then grabs the cigarette and returns with it to the upright position. Removable New Yorker lighter mounted in base.

New Yorker Bakelite/Metal 1929

New Yorker Lighters, one on a Green Bakelite Base and the other on an Orange bakelite base. Other Bakelite colors were produced. Green Metal version also made in other enameled metal finishes.

Baronette & Cigarette Box 1929

New Yorker Lighter fitment in Baronette base with attached Cigarette Box with art deco decorations.

Ballerina & Ashtray, 1934

This is the Ballerina figure usually seen with a Rondelight Baby lighter or Striker lighter but in this model a removable New Yorker Lighter has been fitted into the arms of the figure. A pottery ashtray would have sat in the base.

New Yorker Lighter - Black Caddie, 1929

The Black Caddie figure is rarely seen and was also made as a Striker lighter. In this model a removable New Yorker Lighter has been fitted into the golf bag on the shoulder of the Caddie figure. Dark brown enamel finish with white eyes and red lips.

New Yorker Lighter - Camel, 1929

Popularized in the 1920's with the discovery of King Tut's Tomb, Egyptian Revival was all the rage. In this case a modified Camel incense burner, dated 1923, was fitted with a very early version "milk-jug" shaped & removable canister which holds the new yorker fitment. Two camels are known to date and both are in Ronson's Royal Bronze finish.

New Yorker Lighter - Elephant, 1929

Popularized by circus performances and specifically Jumbo the Elephant, Americans seem to always love Elephants. A large size Elephant with removable New Yorker fitment mounted in back.

New Yorker Lighter - Borzoi, 1929

Dogs have always been associated with sporting and liesure time activities. In this example the removable New Yorker fitment is mounted on a holder which is attached to the handsome Borzoi dog figure. Notice the attention to detail in the treatment of the fur.

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