The Striker lighters produced by Ronson Art Metal Works are very interesting and ingenious. Strikers, as they are sometimes called, were the first lighters from Ronson. The first Pocket Striker was called the "Wonderliter" and it was first produced in 1913. It was a relatively popular and some were produced with advertising, like the model shown. Two different styles were produced, the square bottom, pictured below, and a tapered or rounded bottom. The Pocket Strike lighters could have been placed into the Pocket catagory but we have decided to list them here with the Strike models.

Ronson Striker Lighter "Running Bulldog" 1937

Nicely designed and stylized "French" Bulldog. Copper Plate finish.

Ronson Striker Lighter "Bull Dog" 1935

Gruff looking Bulldog in antique Bronze finish. Marked on chest with A.M.W. shield logo.

Ronson Striker Lighter "Bull" 1935

Super Stylize Bull in chrome plate and painted base. Marked Ronson and dated.

Striker Lighter Horse, 1936

Striker Lighter Dachshound, 1940

Striker Lighter Gobbo, 1920

Striker Lighter Oil Advertisment 1920's

Striker Slide, 1934

Striker Lighter Spaniel, 1940

Striker Lighter Tipperary Pup, 1940

Striker Lighter Dodo & Clock Tower, 1934

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