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Ronson produced Table Top lighters of one form or another from about 1910’s to the mid 1970's. Ronson produced many lighters that are rarely seen outside of large lighter collections. Many of these lighter were very attractive in their day and are greatly admired today, not only for their design but for what they represent about our American history. It is still not fully understood why Ronson produced such low numbers of certain lighter models apart from the models being designed at the onset of World War II, which were scrapped. Still there are many other models, which were produced prior to the war with very low known production numbers. Lighters in this category range from common to the virtually unknown, as far as current numbers are concerned. This category is for all models that don't fall into the Touch Tip, New Yorker, Rondelight or Striker Lighter pages. Collectively, this is a fine grouping of lighters with a far-reaching span of design variations. If you have an interesting lighter which does not appear in our listings, and feel it should, please write and tell us about it.

Ronson Table Lighter Tabuorette & Ashtray 1927

This is a Rarely seen and early Ronson set. The set consists of a Tabourette lighter, with your choice of colored leather and a removable glass Ashtray on either a Silver plate or rich Gold plate base. The Tabourette Lighter was available with your choice of Black, Red , Green, Tan or Morocco Blue leather.

Tablelighter with German Sheppard Dog & Ashtrays, 1928

This is a wonderful table lighter utilizing the newly invented one motion lighter system invented by Louis V. Aronson. It is noteworthy how the experienced workman at the Art Metal Works transitioned into producing lighters. This is a fine example of the workmanship that earned Ronson worldwide fame. Gold plate with colored leather on the lighter.

Ronson Rondette Tablelighter 1934

Wonderful Art Deco table lighter with a central round body set upon two smaller cylindrical feet. Ronson named the Rondette and claimed it has a "Graceful and eye catching Round design". The lighter was offered in chrome plate with either Tortoise or Black enamel.

Ronson Lite-A-Lamp, 1930

This is a Rarely seen and early Ronson table lighter. The lighter is enameled in a two color design. A large finger ring has been attached to the lighter body.

Standard On Stand, 1929

This model could be called a Pocket lighter because it is a Ronson Standard De-Light lighter on a removable base. In this case the filler screw on the bottom of the lighter has been removed and the base has a threaded shaft designed to screw into the lighter. The base is so well designed that it appears as though the screw is in place when the bottom is attached.

Ronson Kitchenette Lighter, 1954

I like the Kitchenette lighter, it has a cheery bright look to it. It's one of those lighters that really make me smile. Fine China with brightly colored Fruits and Vegetables

Ronson Table Lighter "Lotus" 1953

It has been said that Ronson's designers "had a field day" coming up with ideas for lighters using the Adonis fitment, and this is certainly one. Gold plated and black enamel. Also available in silver plate.

Ronson Minerva 1952

Although the Minerva model is not very hard to find with the traditional green and yellow floral design, the lighters pictured here are because of their Hand painted designs. Both are signed by the same artist.

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