Early in the 1930’s Ronson designers were hard at work developing new lighter fitments. The Touch Tip mechanism was a real triumph for Ronson and became an overnight success. The basic operation consists of a wand that carries the flame to your objective and the mechanism that produces the spark to ignite the wands tip. The body of each lighter contains a reservoir of Lighter Fluid to facilitate many lights and infrequent fillings. The new mechanism worked wonderfully and Ronson combined it with many related smoking accessories like Humidors and cigarette boxes, Pipe rests and holders and Clocks and Pen rests.

Ronson Touch Tip & Cigarette Box 1937

Exceptional Art Deco design, Chrome plated and enameled double Cigarette boxes, lined in Cedar, with Touch Tip Lighter in center.

RONSON Bartender Touch Tip and cigarette Box 1936

Probably one of the best known and most sought after Ronson Touch Tip Lighters. This is a large desk top lighter with super Art Deco styling. THe is a Black man behind the bar ready to searve up a drink. The top of the bar has several glasses and a short stack of coasters. Each end of the bar opens and lifts cigarettes. There were several versions produced, this is the Touch Tip model and they also made a Striker Lighter model.

RONSON Junior Bar Touch Tip 1936

Heres another great Bartender lighter, this one is called Junior Bar. It has a Woman standing behind the bar mixing a drink. Ronson called the enameled finish on the bar "Walnut Effect enamel". This lighter has a wonderful Art Deco look to it.

Rolltop Cigarette Box 1937

Another stunning Art Deco Lighter box combination from Ronson in the 1930's. Bright gold DUREUM finish with Green enamel. Double cigarette storage trays are revealed when bottom handle is pulled out.

Cigarette Box 1939

Gold Dureum and Tortoise shell enamel finish with wonderful slotted cigarette holding system within.

Cigarette Box Set 1935

Chrome and enamel finish with two cedar lined cigarette boxes. Ronson Touch Tip Octette was placed in center.

T-T and Pipe Holder 1935

Chrome and Gum Metal finish with single pipe holder mounted on base. This has a great Art Deco design!

T-T and Cigarette Box 1937

Chrome and enamel finish with cedar lined cigarette box. Single handle for lifting lid.

T-T and Cigarette Dispenser 1936

Chrome and enamel finish with cigarette dispensing box.

Touch Tip Octette & Lady Golfer 1936

Chrome and enamel finish with cigarette box.

T-T with Clock and Calendar Pad 1936

Chrome and enamel finish with tear off calendar pages. There is a leather top cover not shown in picture.


Wonderful early cigarette dispensing box. Not a lighter but worthy of inclusion on this page.

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